Cold Storage Cleaning

The most standard and effective way to clean the frozen storage

Cold storage is always an extremely important position in preserving food, medicine,… So how to clean cold storage. What is standard cold storage hygiene? Let’s refer to the cold storage cleaning process with Kim Ngoc Dang!

Article summary

  • When to clean cold storage?
  • Prepare to clean cold storage
  • Ask for cold storage cleaning staff
  • Cleaning process and ways to clean cold storage

When to clean cold storage?

Cold storage is a rather sensitive place, so you have to choose the right time to clean it. Timely cleaning also helps increase durability and longevity, improving the condition of cold storage. The most appropriate time to clean the frozen storage is about every 6 months to 1 year.

Cold storage needs to be cleaned to preserve durability

Preparing to clean cold storage

For cold storage is a very special location, so you have to prepare adequate machinery and sanitary equipment for cleaning. The cold storage cleaning tools are:

– Industrial cleaner machine

– Floor scrubber

– Brush

– Cleaning chemicals or chlorine

– Chemical deodorant for cold storage

Request to cold storage cleaning staff

Cold storage cleaning staff must ensure that they are fully equipped with protective gear, gloves, shoes, masks, hats, etc. to ensure safety when cleaning the warehouse. This is always a mandatory rule when cleaning anywhere.

The next requirement is that employees must know how to use cleaning machines and equipment such as scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, etc. This makes the cold storage cleaning process efficient and time-saving. and more secure.

Cleaning process and how to clean cold storage

After you have fully prepared the equipment, you can immediately start cleaning the cold storage.

 – For periodic cleaning, you should try to keep the cold storage as little as possible. Before applying the cold storage cleaning method, you must also turn off the low temperature mode for easier cleaning.

– Remove unnecessary items and items such as foam boxes, sacks from cold storage. Make sure the area is open and wide for the most effective cleaning. Use a broom to sweep up large trash and food particles and then throw them in the trash.

– Cleaning and cleaning surrounding machinery and equipment in cold storage.

– Use an industrial floor scrubber to clean the floor. Because cold storage often has a lot of dirt and grime that stick to it for a long time under low temperatures, only a scrubber can handle it thoroughly. You can combine with industrial cleaning chemicals for floors to clean cold storage more thoroughly.

Cleaning cold storage with vacuum cleaners, scrubbers

– After using a scrubber to hit the surface vigorously, then use an industrial vacuum cleaner to handle standing water stains. It is necessary to choose wet and dry vacuum cleaners to clean the warehouse most effectively. Note to vacuum up dirty water and chemicals on the floor, avoid missing any position.

– Rearrange the furniture in the cold storage as before. Clean equipment and tools in the cold storage cleaning process. So the cleaning process of the frozen storage is complete.

Above is a guide on how to clean professional cold storage from Kim Ngoc Dang. You can refer and apply immediately to your cold storage to ensure the hygiene and condition of the warehouse! If you have any further questions, please call Kim Ngoc Dang immediately at  0387.838 968 to receive more detailed advice on cleaning services with the highest quality machinery and equipment!

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