Cold Storage For Medicine

Medical drugs are one of the most important products and their preservation is not only required by the Ministry of Health, but also an issue that any pharmacy or hospital puts on top.

One of the most effective and economical ways today is to use cold storage to preserve medicine

What is cold storage for medicine?

This is a type of cold storage that is installed and designed according to its own quality standards to store a variety of medicines, vaccines, etc. Usually, this cold storage is used a lot in medical stations, hospitals, etc. drugstore.

The characteristics of cold storage for drug storage will be from +0 to +8°C. With cold storage of pharmaceutical drugs from +2 to +8°C. This type of cold storage is widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, providing the best preservation effect.

4 notes when designing cold storage for medicine

The use of cold storage to preserve pharmaceuticals is becoming more and more popular in modern life. However, to be able to meet quality standards and ensure the storage of quality products, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues::

  1. Location:

It is recommended to install cold storage in places that are really well ventilated, without moisture. Moreover, the warehouse floor needs to be stable, without roughness. In addition, cold storage for medicine should be installed in places where it is easy to move and convenient for later use.

  1. Design and construction:

Note that the ceiling, walls, and roof of the warehouse should be built in a way that allows ventilation, air circulation, and resistance to adverse weather effects such as sunshine, rain, storm, flood, etc.

  1. Equipment:

In each cold storage, it is necessary to have all necessary equipment to arrange and preserve medicines. As a rule, drugs and ingredients should not be placed directly on the warehouse floor. In particular, the distance between the shelves and the warehouse floor needs to be wide enough to ensure the cleaning of the warehouse, inspection, comparison and distribution and unloading of goods.

In addition, the cold storage of medicine needs to have a fire alarm system, an automatic fire prevention system to get the highest safety.

  1. Temperature conditions:

Storing pharmaceuticals in cold storage requires important temperatures such as:

+ Cool storage: The temperature is about 8-15°C.

+ Cold storage: Regulation temperature does not exceed 8°C

+ Refrigerator: Normal temperature from 2 to 8°C

+ Frozen storage: The temperature does not exceed -10°C.

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