Cold Storage For Seafood In Ho Chi Minh

Seafood needs to be optimally preserved in cold storage to limit spoilage, preserved for a longer time to serve business and trading purposes. Here, Kim Ngoc Dang will introduce to you more about this cold storage so you can review and refer to it specifically.

Like any cold storage, cold storage to preserve seafood needs to meet strict and strict technical requirements. Therefore, for the construction of seafood cold storage, it is necessary to find reputable design and installation addresses. Our company is confident that the unit will help you complete quickly, with the most perfect quality.

– Customer name: District 1 area

– Address: Ho Chi Minh City

– Area: 112m3

– SP: Seafood

Find the right temperature for seafood when it is guaranteed in seafood cold storage as follows:

Under all circumstances, seafood should always be refrigerated at a maximum temperature of 4°C. If it is higher they will fail.

+ Only in seafood, preservation must be carried out from immediately after being caught until before it is processed. Various methods can be used to maintain the proper temperature for them.

+ For normal fish, if you only need to store it for a short time, you can keep it in a refrigerator with a storage temperature around 0 degrees Celsius. If you want to keep it for a longer time, switch to a lower temperature environment at minus 18-22 degrees Celsius.

+ For shellfish such as clams, scallops, mussels, and mussels, it is necessary to cover with damp paper when refrigerated at 0-4 degrees Celsius to keep for a short time….

+ With shrimps and crabs, they are usually just chilled with ice and transported for immediate consumption. If they are processed crabs, they should be kept at a cold temperature around 0 degrees Celsius for a short time and lowered to negative levels if stored for a long time.

+ Especially all kinds of seafood in the case of frozen processing, when storing, it must be kept at a low temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius to maintain quality.

– Machine: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK ​​indoor unit, Kultorn . compressor

To ensure the seafood is always fresh and attractive, customers can choose one of 3 machines for cold storage such as: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK ​​indoor unit, Kultorn compressor. Specifically:

+ Xinhe outdoor unit cluster: Originating from China, there are many types with different capacities for the purpose of serving the family’s dining needs, for business, for trading…

+ XMK indoor unit: Is a type of storage cooling device that can be used at different storage temperatures. As a result, all kinds of seafood can be guaranteed to keep the same color, freshness and quality.

+ Kultorn compressor: Very diverse in design, good cooling capacity, reasonable price

– Voltage: 380V

Consultancy contact: Mr. Nam 0918 364 391.


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