Cold Storage Seafood In Ca Mau

Cold storage for preserving seafood is especially important for provinces, fishing households and related businesses. Thanks to this seafood cold storage, all kinds of seafood can keep the necessary freshness and beauty and ensure safety for users.

The cold storage of seafood at Kim Ngoc Dang has been successfully installed in many provinces and cities across the country. In there:

– Customer name: Ca Mau area

– Address: Ca Mau Province

– Area: 112m3

– SP: Seafood

A few notes when preserving seafood in cold storage are as follows:

+ Before putting seafood products into cold storage, the products are packed, labeled according to regulations and at the center of the product must reach -18°C.

+ Temperature in cold storage needs to be stable: Must be stable at about -20°C, product center temperature must still be kept at -18°C or lower during storage. .

+ Do not put together, mix with other foods, avoid contaminating aquatic products.

+ Having a management system to ensure that products in the warehouse must be reasonably arranged, neat and easy to see.

– Machine: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK indoor unit, Kultorn . compressor

+ Xinhe outdoor unit cluster: Originating from China, there are many types with different capacities for use.

+ XMK indoor unit: Is a type of storage cooling device that can be used at different storage temperatures. As a result, it is possible to ensure the preservation of fresh and quality seafood.

+ Kultorn compressor: Very diverse in design, good cooling capacity, reasonable price. – Voltage: 380V

Consultancy contact: Mr. Nam 0918 364 391.


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