Cold Storage To Preserve Beer In Ho Chi Minh

The right ways to preserve draft beer

To ensure a fresh taste, draft beer, regardless of production line or technology, must retain a certain amount of microorganisms. Therefore, cold brewing is a mandatory requirement to inhibit the activity of fermenting factors and keep beer from spoiling. In this article, let’s take a look at 4 ways to preserve draft beer from traditional to modern with Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration!

Preserving draft beer in a cellar

This is considered the optimal way to preserve draft beer. Because of the ability to meet almost absolute standards of preservation environment. Specifically, in addition to the temperature factor, quality. The taste of draft beer is also particularly sensitive to natural light.

The reason comes from an indispensable ingredient in the beer production process. It’s hops. Hops are used for the following main purposes:

– Create a mild bitter taste and characteristic aroma.

– Antibacterial, enhance microbial stability.

–Increasing foam strength and strength of beer

When exposed to ultraviolet light, the bitter acid humulone in hops. The reaction produces a chemical with an unpleasant odor. Therefore, beer experts always consider natural light as one of the “destructors” to watch out for at all times. Removing the threat from light, the beer cellar is clearly an option worth considering. However, the feasibility of this option is not too high. The construction of a cellar with a dedicated cooling system is only suitable for large volume production units such as breweries. In small-scale manual processing or only commercial business, cellar storage will be an uneconomical option.

Preservation by stone

Preserving beer with ice is an innovative solution. And popularly used by people doing commercial business many years ago. When bringing beer to the point of sale, people will put bombs / kegs in tanks or insulated cabinets. Then add ice cubes, ice cubes to chill.

The outstanding advantage of this way of preserving draft beer is its simplicity, which does not require investment in equipment and machinery. Therefore, it is suitable for small retail outlets with low investment.

On the contrary, when applied to large business establishments with high customer traffic, the solution to preserve stone will reveal many limitations. The cost of stone skyrocketed. Cold brew speed does not match serving speed. Not to mention, when the ice begins to melt, if the seller does not promptly replenish it, the quality of beer can be affected. In principle, as long as the temperature exceeds the threshold of 5°C, CO2 will be released, causing beer foam.

Store in a storage cabinet

The storage cabinet is the solution to upgrade and overcome all disadvantages of the option of using chilled ice. Instead of relying entirely on the ability to keep the temperature of the insulator or the speed of ice melting. The storage cabinet has a continuous operating mechanism that generates additional cold heat. As a result, the environment in the cabinet compartment will achieve a relatively stable temperature.

Preservation in cold storage

Currently, cold storage is the solution chosen by many processing establishments that combine craft beer business. Compared with the cold cellar, the construction of the insulation warehouse is usually simpler and more cost-effective because the construction area is small. Meanwhile, the standards of temperature and light are still guaranteed at the best level.

Cold storage for beer preservation can adjust the cooling temperature according to the requirements of preserved products. Beer bombs are cooled by cold heat from the indoor unit and insulated by the cabinet’s foam-insulated shell. This is an effective and safe method of preservation. Helps to keep beer good quality for a certain period of time

Above are 4 ways to preserve draft beer that are commonly used from traditional to modern. Each option has distinct advantages and limitations. Therefore, business people need to base on the needs of use as well as actual conditions to make appropriate decisions.

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