Cold Storage To Preserve Fresh Flowers

What fresh flower suppliers worry about is how to keep flowers fresh for a long time, not damaged. Installing cold storage to preserve fresh flowers is the optimal solution for them. Currently, there are many service providers of design, construction and installation of cold storage, but finding a reputable unit is not easy. In the following article, we introduce a company specializing in the design and construction of prestigious, highly skilled and affordable fresh flower storage cold storage.

Kim Ngoc Dang is a unit specializing in the design and construction of cold storage, one of the top companies providing cold storage installation services in Vietnam. With a team of highly qualified and skilled staff, who have fought for many years in the cold storage supermarket industry, confidently construct a variety of cold storage to meet the needs of customers, long operating time. , energy saving. Our products have helped many units and companies succeed in their business.

Moreover, the good warranty, maintenance and after-sales service has made customers remember us forever.

Old customers introduce new customers, just like that, Kim Ngoc Dang grows stronger every day

Benefits of using cold storage to preserve fresh flowers

Using cold storage to preserve flowers will stay fresh for a long time, the color of the flowers is not changed, intact as freshly harvested, the fragrance is faint, and the smell is not lost.

Cold storage allows to adjust the storage temperature to suit each type of flower to help customers minimize losses due to damaged flowers.

With large cold storage, customers can store a large number of fresh flowers with the same temperature range

Cold storage is very easy to operate, can be controlled remotely, and does not incur additional costs for customers.

Modern, affordable technology does not need to spend too much time and money in installing cold storage.

Structure of cold storage to preserve fresh flowers

Insulation structure

Cold storage has external insulation. This part is made of EPS material with a thickness of about 100mm, a weight of about 18 to 20kg/m3. Outside the two sides of the EPS panel are also covered with 0.4mm thick sheet, two sides are corrugated. Besides, the Panels are also firmly reinforced with V-bars inside and out.

Industrial refrigeration system (Condenser compressor cluster + industrial indoor unit)

The cold storage is fully equipped with a synchronous refrigeration machinery system with an appropriate capacity.

New machine, long life, smooth operation, capable of automatic operation, saving electricity, with full papers proving the origin and origin

Most Cold Storage supermarkets use refrigeration systems from Europe, the machine capacity is compatible with the temperature range to preserve each type of fresh flowers.

Cold storage door

Cold storage doors are covered with high-grade stainless steel, anti-scratch, good anti-rust, especially at the interstices, which are fitted with discreet gaskets. The door is securely fitted to the user, and at the same time very easy to open. Depending on customer needs, the Cold Storage supermarket will install the corresponding warehouse door size. Control cabinet

Electrical cabinets are installed outside the cold storage. In the electrical cabinet containing the motor, it is equipped with current safety devices that automatically disconnect when overcurrent or overloaded. Easy-to-control electrical system allows remote, automatic operation. The equipment in the electrical cabinet is 100% new, durable, genuine warranty.

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