Cold Storage To Preserve Frozen Food In Binh Duong

Cold storage to preserve frozen food is increasingly meeting the needs of people in the modern era. Cold storage with large capacity, convenience and friendliness has brought each of us much more convenience.

Recently Kim Ngoc Dang has implemented the construction of cold storage to preserve frozen food in Binh Duong area. Specific information is as follows:

– Customer name: Di An area

– Address: Binh Duong Province

– Area: 45m3

– SP: Frozen Food

Cold storage to preserve frozen food usually uses the temperature: -18⁰C ~ -22⁰C to preserve the most perfect food. Some of the benefits of frozen food storage customers can notice are as follows:

+ Keeping the quality fresh and pure for the product: The characteristics of vegetables, meat and fish after being harvested and preliminarily processed are required to be frozen in storage. This helps to better preserve freshness, vitamins are not lost and limit the product’s spoilage when left in the outside environment. Therefore, the installation of cold storage storage is extremely important.

+ The product can be used all year round: Instead of the same as before, we can only eat the food of that season when it is time to come. Now, cold storage will help us to use a variety of foods in other seasons while ensuring freshness and safety.


+ Do not use preservatives: Using the freezing method of food both helps to keep the freshness and flavor of the product, while protecting the health of consumers.

+ Avoiding food waste: The installation of cold storage, better preserved agricultural, forestry and fishery products should have a longer shelf life, limit damage, and help families, businesses, and businesses. company… has full conditions for better development.

– Machine: Ecocool outdoor unit, XMK ​​indoor unit, Sanyo compressor

The types of food are very diverse, so choosing which machine to preserve is quite a headache. We have a few suggestions for you as follows:

+ Ecocool outdoor unit: Originating from China, there are many types with different capacities for family business purposes.

+ XMK indoor unit: Is a type of storage cooling device that can be used at different storage temperatures. This ensures that foods are kept at the perfect temperature.

+ Sanyo compressor: Good cooling capacity, reasonable price

– Voltage: 380V

Consultancy contact: Mr. Nam 0918 364 391.


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