Cold Storage To Preserve Fruit

The method of using cold storage to preserve fruit has promoted outstanding efficiency compared to the traditional method. Preserving fruits and vegetables in cold storage enhances quality while reducing loss in quantity due to spoilage. With cold storage, you can store agricultural products in case of crop failure. So how is cold storage designed, please join us to find out in the following article.

Introduction of cold storage to preserve fruit

Fruit cold storage is a space built to store vegetables and fruits. In the warehouse, a refrigeration system and equipment will be installed to create the right temperature and humidity, to keep the product fresh and for a long time without being damaged. Cold storage can be designed in the premises of a fruit and vegetable processing factory.

Vegetables are usually stored at temperatures between 0°C and 15°C. Each different type of fruit and vegetable will correspond to the optimal storage temperature of that product. If possible, you should store vegetables and fruits at the same storage temperature.

For example:

Temperature from 0°C ~ 2°C: suitable for storing cabbage, carrots, grapes, apples,

The temperature is about 10°C: good preservation of tomatoes, cucumbers, lychees,

Temperatures between 13°C and 15°C: refrigerate bananas, lemons, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables. The role of cold storage to preserve fruits and vegetables

Cold storage helps prolong the storage time of conventional fruits and vegetables by 0.5 to 1 times compared to conventional storage. Vegetables and fruits can be sold at the most expensive prices for maximum profit.

Cold storage keeps vegetables fresher and crisper. After being preserved, vegetables and fruits meet the standards of vitamin C content, firmness, moisture, weight, and size to meet market demand.

Frozen vegetables and fruits will be as fresh as freshly picked, keeping their nutritional content safe for users.

Good preservation of fruits and vegetables inhibits invading bacteria causing spoilage causing post-harvest losses.

The installation of cold storage to preserve vegetables and fruits partly supports agricultural products to escape the dangers of climate change, prolongs their shelf life, and brings economic benefits to farmers.

Design of cold storage to preserve vegetables and fruits

The design of cold storage to preserve fruits and vegetables must be based on the needs and budget of the customer. What customers are equally concerned about is the cost after use. Therefore, Kim Ngoc Dang always finds ways to reduce the electricity consumption of cold storage as much as possible.

In addition to noting about the leakage of cold air, when designing we pay attention to the issue of humidity. The right humidity will keep vegetables fresh without drying, cold without bruising or crushing.

Benefits of installing cold storage to preserve fruits and vegetables

You only need to install cold storage once, you can use it for a long time, preserving a large number of vegetables and fruits. Cold storage keeps vegetables and fruits as fresh as new, with damage below 5%. Using time up to more than 30 years brings significant economic benefits. Invest now and use immediately.

Cold storage operation is very simple and easy to maintain. Fully automatic chillers start and stop with no need for staff supervision or assistive technology incurring additional costs

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