Cold Storage To Preserve Ice

Ice is a widely used product, especially for restaurants, and the ice industry is also increasing day by day. However, to produce and maintain the coldness of ice cubes, it requires a lot of machines and stages. One of the most important issues is the cold storage of ice cubes. In the following article, Kim Ngoc Dang will share with readers useful information about this type of cold storage

What are the advantages of cold storage for storing ice cubes?

Today, the widespread appearance of ice in restaurants, hotels, water stores, beer bars and families has prompted the establishment of ice factories. It is known that every day with increasing production volume, it needs to be refrigerated to avoid thawing for a long time, limiting the influence and impact of temperature from the outdoors.

 The use of ice cubes to preserve by cold storage brings many important effects to everyone. Normally, this stone after being preserved will not melt, ensuring an adequate supply for users. Above all, ice cubes stored in cold storage will save most of the product, without thawing.

Thanks to the continuous and durable operation of the ice storage cold storage, we can easily use it, adjust the temperature at will, providing the ability to operate continuously.

does not rust over time.

Normally, the commonly used ice cube sizes are as follows:

+ For large rocks: size is 47x80mm, usually used for drinking beer and soft drinks.

+ Large medium ice: size 38x40mm is often used to drink iced tea, drink alcohol.

+ Small ice: size from 19x20mm is often used to drink coffee, juice, mixed water.

4 important notes when storing ice in cold storage?

Normally, to preserve the best ice products, the temperature of the warehouse will range from -5 degrees to -1 degrees.

In the process of arranging ice cubes in cold storage, we need to arrange them in rows, store them and place them on wooden slats, each row a few centimeters apart. The reason for this is to facilitate the best circulation of cold air in the warehouse, avoiding the problem of overlapping and sticking ice rows.

Special attention should be paid to the material of the cold storage shell. Normally, cold storage will be made of 10cm thick Eps Panel material, high density from 18kg/m3 to 22kg/m3.

More specifically, each door of the cold storage must be equipped with insulation curtains. Above all, the door part will usually be made of 2 doors, one door to import stone and the other to export stone. Normally, the refrigeration system should be used in the R404a gas-powered air conditioner or use the large-radius air conditioner to reduce the temperature quickly. The machine runs strong and durable, bringing high efficiency.

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