Cold Storage To Preserve Meat


Meat is one of the foods with high nutritional value, often widely used in food

Family meal. Usually, companies and businesses want to ship this product

to places where it is necessary to design cold storage to preserve meat according to individual requirements.

7 reasons to design cold storage to preserve meat?

We all know that meat products can be preserved for a long time if done properly. Generally, temperatures between 0°C and 4°C for several days are still considered fresh (chilled) meat. If meat is frozen, it should be kept as low as -15°C down to -20°C, this is a way to keep it for months without changing important nutrients in the meat. Using cold storage to preserve meat is the secret to bringing outstanding advantages to users such as:

  1. Keep the freshness and deliciousness of meat for a long time
  2. Convenience in transporting goods to places in the area 4. Easy in arranging and preserving meat
  3. Can hold a large amount of meat
  4. Customize the right temperature to your liking
  5. Easy to clean and dismantle the cold storage when there is a need

Important note when designing cold storage for food preservation

More than 80% of companies and businesses are interested in the design of cold storage to preserve meat to bring the best product quality. In the process, we must definitely pay attention to issues such as:

+ Make specific requirements for cold storage images and designs

+ Specify the meat product to be stored and the desired temperature level

+ Paying attention to the uses and types of machines in cold storage

+ Pay attention to the quality of cold storage as well as the efficiency of product use

+ Request time to use, complete the warehouse as required.

In addition to the general requirements for cold storage design, each customer in the process of using should pay attention to the issue of properly preserving meat in cold storage. Usually, people pay little attention to and focus on this issue, and to focus preservation in cold storage but still not ensuring the best quality process as being on, ineffective.

Accordingly, we need to consider important factors when preserving meat in cold storage such as:

+ It is necessary to pre-clean the cold storage before storage to avoid bacteria having the opportunity to enter and affect

+ Suitable packaging for meaty foods, to prevent cold storage from being too affected by this problem

+ Proper food classification: with raw meat foods that need to be stored at low temperatures, cooked meats need higher temperatures. Therefore, we need to pay attention and adjust the temperature properly

+ The application of cold storage to preserve meat requires principles, namely appropriate arrangement, in accordance with principles. From there, it is convenient and best to check the quality of the goods or get the products

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