Cold Storage To Preserve Milk

Milk is one of the most widely used nutritional foods today and is suitable for all ages. However, if you want milk to last for a long time and still keep the best quality, it needs to be stored properly. Milk cold storage has been designed to solve this problem of consumers. Let’s find out more details right through the article below.

The importance of preserving milk by cold storage

Because milk is a product that is quite susceptible to changes in quality and composition when temperature changes, it is necessary to use cold storage to preserve milk. Especially for business shops, milk distributors. When milk is first produced, the quality of the product is always guaranteed, but we cannot be sure that it will not be affected during storage. On the other hand, did you know that the expiration date that is usually written on the milk carton is the expiration date for the product that the manufacturer offers. If we have a good method of preserving milk, we can still use the product after the expiration date about 1 week, which is quite a few people know. The use of cold storage to preserve milk will help us to adjust the temperature, humidity, light … suitable to meet the milk preservation standards as given by the manufacturer. What requirements does cold storage of milk need to meet?

For manufacturers, distributors of fresh milk, canned milk, etc., the installation of a cold storage to preserve milk is indispensable. So, what standard requirements should a cold storage used to preserve milk meet? Below is the information related to this issue that we want to provide to readers.

Location of design and construction of warehouse

Enterprises and manufacturers need to pay special attention to the location of warehouse construction before starting construction. Please ensure that this cold storage warehouse will be convenient in the process of goods movement, import and export. Please contact reputable contractors and establishments with many years of experience in this field of cold storage design.

Calculation of cold storage structure

The current cold storage of milk is designed with the shell of Polyurethane Panels. This shell includes a 0.5-0.6mm thick corrugated iron surface on both sides, the insulation layer will help keep the temperature and pressure balanced between the warehouse and the outside environment. The warehouse also needs to be equipped with an air pressure vent valve, this will help avoid the pressure difference that makes it difficult when you open or close the warehouse door.

Suitable storage temperature

Normal milk after being expressed will be at a temperature of 35 – 370C in the condition that the principle of milking is complied with. However, it is inevitable for bacteria to enter and grow in milk. Therefore, users need to store milk in an environment of 2-5°C immediately after milking to prevent milk from being fermented and unusable for a long time, bacteria in this temperature condition will be inhibited.

For drinking yogurts, users should use them within the time indicated on the box by the manufacturer. The temperature of cold storage to store milk for these types of milk is best from 4-6°C. Pasteurized fresh milk is packed in paper boxes, the storage temperature should be kept at 0-5°C is the best.

In addition, users should also pay attention to absolutely avoid storing milk at lower temperatures because it can cause milk thinning.

Has alarm system installed

When installing a cold storage system, you should also install incident alarm systems for convenience during monitoring. In some cases of short-term power outage in the warehouse, it may also affect the quality of milk without you knowing it. This should be of particular concern to large manufacturers and business establishments

In addition, the system of self-opening latches to prevent confinement or automatic temperature setting, surveillance cameras should also be installed in cold storage.

Benefits of cold storage to preserve milk

Fresh milk is not only a delicious and nutritious drink, but it also has a very high nutritional value for human health. Proper cold storage will bring benefits such as:

+ Helps preserve milk longer, can be used after 1 week compared to the expiry date indicated on the milk shell.

+ At a temperature of 2-5°C, this is the ideal temperature for bacteria capable of causing milk fermentation to be inhibited. Fresh milk will be extended for 1-2 days when using this preservation method

+ Retains the original flavor and composition of milk

+ Increase prestige and revenue for suppliers

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