Cold Storage To Preserve Salmon In Lam Dong

 Salmon Benefits

Salmon is a very beneficial food, good for maintaining the body’s vital functions. The omega-3 content and amino acids found in salmon help improve eyesight and protect eyes. Salmon meat also contains many other essential nutrients that help people improve their health.

The benefits of salmon are known to many people, but not everyone knows how to choose and preserve salmon so that the fish does not lose nutrients and stay fresh.

This is also a vital factor for businesses, restaurants, and 5-star hotels that provide fresh and nutritious salmon. So to preserve a large number of fresh salmon, you should use Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage. By doing so you can preserve salmon for as long as 5 months. When using, you just need to take out the salmon to naturally defrost and process the dishes as usual.

The best salmon storage conditions you need to know

Store in the freezer or freezer (on a larger scale) for long-term use (usually more than 5 months). Make sure the nutrients inside the salmon are not significantly lost.

Preserve salmon by freezing them for long-term use

How to preserve salmon in today’s scientific frozen storage

Not everyone who uses frozen storage also pays attention to the efficiency when preserving food. However, in fact, if it is not preserved scientifically, it will not only make the food less delicious. It is also easily damaged, producing toxic substances that affect the environment as well as user health. Here are the recommended ways to store salmon in the freezer:

Make sure the space inside the frozen storage is closed, not open. This is to prevent hot outside air from entering. Because raising the temperature will cause the salmon to spoil faster than its ideal temperature.

Next, it’s always to make sure the temperature is stable. Avoid sudden erratic temperature changes. This can cause the quality of the salmon to deteriorate.

Ensure the salmon storage temperature is from -25 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius.

Salmon should not be stored with other foods with a large difference in the ideal storage temperature. For example, do not preserve salmon with vegetables.

Do not continue to store salmon in the freezer if it has been defrosted. Should be used after 24 hours of defrosting.

Ensure that the power supply to the frozen warehouse is adequate and uninterrupted.

Do not store flavored foods with salmon. Because it can put an odor on the salmon. Decreasing the quality of salmon you are storing in cold storage.

What should be noted when making frozen storage to preserve salmon?

It is best made from high-quality, safe and sustainable materials. Because quality always goes hand in hand with cost. But it also only happens with a reputable supplier and construction contractor. To make sure the construction process is methodical, professional and quality assurance.

Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration Engineering is a unit specializing in cold storage construction in the South. Committed to seasoned experience, genuine high-quality materials along with affordable costs, many incentives.

Refrigeration mechanic Kim Ngoc Dang has extensive experience in cold storage

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