Cold Storage To Preserve Seafood

Vietnam is investing in developing the seafood industry, so the expansion and improvement of cold storage is essential to better preserve goods. How necessary is cold storage to preserve seafood and how to have a standard frozen warehouse? Please refer to this article for more experience

Why use cold storage to preserve seafood?

In the matter of eating, anyone wants to taste the natural and fresh taste, as well as the sweetness of each type of seafood, surely we must buy it at the place of the day.

However, it is not always available what you want, so installing a cold storage is essential.

Whether you are a good chef or a talented housewife, if you can’t use fresh ingredients, you can’t make an attractive dish. Therefore, in order to be able to contribute to the dish with more flavor, careful preservation of seafood is a must. Sources of seafood include many types such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid … It is this food source that will bring our body abundant energy and many nutrients. When they are caught ashore, if not preserved, they will be degraded and no longer fresh. It is very easy to get infected and harmful to our health. Among all kinds of seafood, fish is the most popular type, so cold storage to preserve fish being installed is very popularly today.

7 things to know when installing cold storage to preserve fish and seafood

The installation of cold storage to preserve seafood is not simple, but it will take a lot of time. So to save money and save time, you should refer to the following notes:

+ Periodic renewal of machinery and equipment is very important, so you should have a careful calculation in choosing a reasonable arrangement and allocation of premises. Advanced technology entails the operation of machinery in cold storage, so you need to learn carefully about this issue.

+ In the design of seafood cold storage or any cold storage, the main concern is the door. You must arrange the doors to face the hallway or the aisles.

+ Should design a convenient, spacious and reasonable place for loading and unloading goods

+ There is a calculation in the area of ​​cold storage, especially for multi-storey cold storage, it should have a moderate width so that the temperature in the warehouse is always stable.

+ Cold storage is required to be near electricity and water sources

+ For units with a large and frequent volume of seafood, it is necessary to design a spacious and comfortable cold storage

+ Install fire prevention and fighting equipment to be timely in case of bad occurrence

Note when using cold storage

The investment and installation of cold storage to preserve seafood will cost a lot of money, so you should have a calculation. When putting cold storage into use, you need to pay attention to the temperature in the warehouse, because this determines the quality of each product. Not all temperatures are safe enough, but the right temperature is required. According to research, the best temperature in cold storage is -200 degrees to -20 degrees, at these levels the product will keep its freshness as well as ensure safety for health.

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