Cold Storage To Preserve Vaccin In District 7, Ho Chi Minh


Cold storage of vaccines plays an important role in ensuring the best quality of vaccines when transporting and preserving them to medical facilities, hospitals, and pharmacies nationwide. Therefore, the construction of this cold storage requires high and strict requirements to meet the conditions set forth by the Ministry of Health.

Always confident to be one of the leading vaccine cold storage construction units on the market today, Kim Ngoc Dang will definitely give customers peace of mind and absolute trust when choosing us. Specifically, information about customers installing vaccine storage warehouses in Ho Chi Minh will give you a better understanding:

– Customer name: Area District 7.

Address: Ho Chi Minh City.

– Area: 27m3

– SP: Vaccine

Cold storage for vaccines is usually small and medium sized warehouses, the storage temperature ranges from 2 to 6 degrees Celsius, the humidity reaches 70%. The warehouse has 2 units operating alternately with a capacity of 3hp, ensuring the quality standards set by the Ministry of Health.

Some technical parameters of cold storage to preserve vaccines are as follows:

+ Cold storage shell for drug preservation: Shell material: Polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane, 100 mm thick Cold storage panel for medicine

+Ceiling, walls and floor of cold storage are made of insulation panels made of Polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane (PU) density 42kg/m3, two panels coated with imported colorbon 0.41mm thick.

+ The connection between the panels is made by a camplock lock, connected by a lock, so that the cold storage has a high tightness and the panel can be dismantled easily.

+ Ensure the system of cold storage doors: Specialized cold storage doors, insulating materials with

polyurethane, density 43kg/m3, material covered with stainless steel SUS 304. Cold storage system uses high quality compressor, reputable brand, guaranteed quality.

– Machine: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK indoor unit, Kultorn . compressor

To ensure a safe, long-term and convenient vaccine, customers can choose one of three machines for cold storage such as: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK indoor unit, Kultorn compressor. Specifically:

+ Xinhe outdoor unit cluster: Originating from China, there are many types with different capacities for the purpose of serving the needs of effective vaccine preservation.

+ XMK indoor unit: Is a type of storage cooling device that can be used at different storage temperatures. Thanks to that, the vaccine can be properly preserved and not mutated.

+Kultorn compressor: A large variety of design, good cooling capacity, reasonable price

– Voltage: 380V

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