Cold Storage To Preserve Vaccines

Cold storage of vaccines today is gradually becoming one of the mandatory requirements for vaccine preservation. Companies that produce, distribute and use vaccines all need to equip themselves with this equipment. The importance and conditions for cold storage to preserve vaccines will be shared by us through the following article.

 The importance of cold storage to preserve vaccines

There are usually two types of vaccines: live vaccines and dead vaccines. Especially live (attenuated) vaccines are vaccines where the virus has been weakened, immobilized and needs to be kept at a cold temperature (2-8°C) so that they can be guaranteed not to spoil.

Normally, vaccine manufacturers recommend that even if vaccines are used after mixing with standard water, they need to be used within 2 hours. Otherwise, the vaccine will no longer have the best guaranteed effect.

In many cases, the vaccine preservation process is not good, leading to the case that after the injection has no effect, the injected body cannot produce antibodies to protect against those diseases in the future. Therefore, when importing vaccines, especially for hospitals, health stations, drug and pharmaceutical companies, it is necessary to equip a cold storage to preserve vaccines. That will help ensure the quality of drugs and vaccines when they are put on the market.

Requirements for cold storage of vaccines

The first thing when we import the vaccine to the warehouse is to check it right on the transport vehicle. Let’s see if the vaccine in this transport is well preserved? There are full requirements for vaccine preservation such as temperature, ice storage, etc. After that, if the vaccine is eligible for import, we will proceed to move it to cold storage. Below are the necessary conditions for a standard cold storage of vaccines.

Cold storage temperature

This is the first factor that we need to pay attention to. Please ensure that the temperature of the warehouse is always maintained between 2-8°C. (both live or dead vaccines). You need to turn on and prepare enough temperature before putting the vaccine in cold storage.

Cold storage is inspected and licensed by the Ministry of Health

Vaccines are preparations (antigens) made from the same microorganisms for the vaccine strain that have been weakened or died. If stored improperly, the vaccine can be damaged, even causing complications. Therefore, cold storage containing hospital vaccines, manufacturing companies, distributors … all need to be inspected by state agencies, the Ministry of Health.

There are a small number of cases where people are vaccinated today and unwanted side effects occur. It is also partly due to the improper preservation process, no license and inspection by the Ministry of Health. Cold storage needs to be fully automated

We cannot always adjust the temperature of the cold storage when it is low or high. A standard cold storage facility needs to be automatically adjusted for temperature. This will also help save power quite a lot. There is a power failure alarm system, the problem occurs by phone

This is very important, in many cases the problem only occurs for a short time. If we pay attention, this little carelessness will cause the vaccine stock to be damaged and cause great damage. If your vaccine cold storage doesn’t have an alarm on your phone, set it up soon.

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