Cold Storage To Preserve Vegetables In Thu Duc

Fruits stored in normal temperature conditions are easily damaged, so the

Refrigerating fruit is a safe and economical solution that many people believe in.

So what are the benefits of using this cold storage? Where is the construction to be sure?… Let’s find out through the article The following is from Kim Ngoc Dang!

Kim Ngoc Dang has long become one of the leading companies in the country providing quality cold storage, reasonable price. Recently, we just finished the construction fruit cold storage at Thu Duc Wholesale Market, the following is the specific information:

– Customer name: Thu Duc area

– Address: Ho Chi Minh City

– Area: 12m3

– SP: Fruit

Different types of fruit need to be stored at the right temperatures, each type of fruit

have specific temperature requirements. Therefore, when storing, customers should make appropriate adjustments fit.

Therefore, when designing and installing cold storage for fruit preservation, if the sensor equipment in the store measures

If the cold storage temperature is from 2-8 degrees Celsius, the air conditioner will maintain the temperature at that level and not lower it further so that the fruits do not lose water. The preservation of fruit cannot avoid the invasion of pathogens, but when it is brought into the warehouse, cold, fruits not only stay fresh longer, but also limit the invasion of pathogens and damage fruits, especially seeds or plants.

The minimum temperature in the cold storage must always be 2-4 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 90-95%

The new fruit has the lowest respiration rate. As a result, the preservation of fruit is better.

– Machine: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK indoor unit, Kultorn . compressor

To ensure that the fruits are always fresh and attractive, customers can choose one of 3 machines for cold storage to preserve fruit such as: Xinhe outdoor unit, XMK indoor unit, Kultorn compressor. Specifically: + XMK indoor unit: Is a type of storage cooling device that can be used at different storage temperatures. As a result, the fruits can be guaranteed to keep their color, freshness and quality intact.

+Kultorn compressor: Very diverse in design, good cooling capacity, reasonable price.

– Voltage: 380V

Contact for consultant: Mr. Nam 0918 364 391.


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