Cold Storage To Preverve Vegetables In Ho Chi Minh


Cold storage for preserving vegetables in Ho Chi Minh City


Cold storage of vegetables and fruits is one of the important equipment to serve the needs of each of us. The importance of vegetables has made storage of these foods more useful than ever.

In Ho Chi Minh, the demand for fruits and vegetables is very large. Therefore, it is always necessary to have good cold storage here every day to ensure that vegetables are always kept in the best condition. Therefore, Kim Ngoc Dang recently performed the construction of cold storage to preserve frozen food in Ho Chi Minh area. Specific information is as follows:

– Customer name: Ho Chi Minh area.

– Address: Ho Chi Minh City

– Area: 100m3

– SP: Vegetables

The method of using cold storage to preserve fruits and vegetables is quite easy but brings high economic efficiency. In fact, the method of preservation by cold storage to preserve vegetables and fruits uses the following principle: Cold preservation principle: Lower the temperature of the storage environment to limit the respiratory intensity of vegetables and prevent the growth of bacteria. harmful microorganisms. Using this principle helps to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time and ensure maximum safety.

Using the method of refrigerating vegetables before putting them into cold storage to preserve fruits and vegetables: The speed of cooling vegetables and fruits will depend on the rate of heat transfer from the product to the environment; the temperature difference between the product and the refrigerant; refrigeration environment characteristics; and thermal conductivity of the product… Thanks to that, the product is guaranteed to be in a good environment, preserving its freshness and nutrients.

– Machine: Xinhe outdoor unit, Xinhe indoor unit, Copeland compressor

There are many types of vegetables and fruits, so when storing, they need to have a temperature compatible with each different type. We have a few suggestions for you as follows:

+ Xinhe outdoor unit: Originating from China, there are many types with different capacities for family business purposes.

Xinhe indoor unit: Is a kind of storage cooling device that can be used at different storage temperature

+ Copeland compressor: Very diverse in design, good cooling capacity, reasonable price.

– Voltage: 380V

Consultancy contact: Mr. Nam 0918 364 391.


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