Cool Storage

Cool Storage 

– Cool storage (from 8 degrees C to 15 degrees C): The warehouse with the second widest temperature range after normal warehouses, has the same temperature maintenance equipment as frozen or cold storage, suitable for different areas. Fresh products, have a relatively long shelf life. Also known as Cool storage for food, cool storage in English is called Cool storage.

  1. What goods should be stored with Cool Storage?

We recommend companies to use cool storage for these goods:

Food, practically all foods need to be stored in cool storage to retain their flavor and freshness even over short distances.

– Beverages: Soft drinks, wine, beer, milk… need to be stored in cool climates to keep the product quality.

– Medicines and medical devices: In order to stabilize the chemical properties in heat- and sterilization-sensitive drugs or medical devices, manufacturers often choose to store cool or cold storage and ship before arrival. desired place.

– Cosmetics: From skin care products, personal hygiene products, perfumes, etc. to keep the valuable chemical properties in perfect state.

– Electronic devices: From batteries, diodes, mainboards, CPUs and other UV and heat sensitive devices, they all need to be delivered with care. It should be noted that electronic devices should be kept in a dry environment for longer life.

  1. What problems will the cold storage service solve for your business?

First of all, there is no limit on the type of goods that need to be stored in a cool warehouse, the key is how cold storage can help your business save a lot of costs and fees for integrated storage Here are some signs you should consider:

– Most manufacturers have integrated warehouses with cool storage, but limited cool storage capacity for industrial scale will also limit your ability to preserve product quality.

– The investment cost of building a cool warehouse is very large. Unlike any other conventional storage method, cool storage requires specialized equipment and facilities to keep the temperature constant for products stored in an area, the larger it is, the more difficult it is to maintain a stable temperature. determined.

Time-consuming: It can take months, even years, to complete the procedures and train personnel to keep the cooler running smoothly.

Moreover, the lack of experience in the construction and maintenance of cold storage warehouses can cost businesses in the preservation of products, for example: Damage to goods, change in personnel, expenses operating costs, etc.

  1. Storage temperature of foods and pharmaceuticals in cold storage today:

+ Cold storage temperature for pharmaceuticals and vaccines: from 20C to 80C.

+ Temperature of cold storage to preserve pharmaceutical products: from 20C to 80C.

+ Cold storage temperature used to freeze food: from -220C to -180C.

+ Cold storage temperature to preserve deli foods: from -50C to 50C.

+ Cold storage temperature used to store ice cream: from -250C to -220C.

+ Cold storage temperature used to preserve cakes: from -50C to 50C.

+ Cold storage temperature used to preserve seeds of agricultural products: from 20C to 80C.

+ Temperature of cold storage to preserve seafood: from -220C to -200C.

+ Cold storage temperature used to preserve fruits and vegetables: from -20C to 120C.

+ Cold storage temperature used for freezing 2 levels: from -300C to -400C.


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