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To store and preserve goods and foods such as agricultural products, seafood, pharmaceuticals, etc., businesses need cold storage. That is the reason why the need to design and install cheap cold storage is increasing. A well-functioning cold storage needs to ensure the parameters as well as the design and installation standards. Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage will introduce you to important parameters that need special attention in cold storage installation.

Requirements for cheap cold storage parameters

For electronic devices, parameters are extremely important. Therefore, when installing cold storage, you also need to meet some of the following installation requirements:

  1. Low-cost cold storage temperature suitable for each item

Many people still think that the lower the product storage temperature, the longer the quality will be kept. But in reality, it is not certain. Also because depending on the product will need different storage temperature needs.

Besides, the lower the storage temperature, the higher the operating costs and power consumption. Therefore, economic efficiency will also decrease.

You need to calculate the temperature for cheap cold storage according to the desired time of preservation. At the same time, depending on the item you are storing in cold storage.

You need to calculate the appropriate storage temperature for the product to be stored

In our country, there are regulations on the storage temperature of different items. You refer to the information below to be able to adjust your warehouse reasonably, or ask the construction contractor of cheap cold storage as required.

  • Deep freezer storage: From -35°C to -25°C
  • Cold storage for meat and fish: From -25°C to -18°C.
  • Cold storage for storing medicinal herbs and chemical materials: From 0°C to 5°C.
  • Cold storage for dry food: From -5°C to 0°C.
  • Cold storage to preserve fresh fruits and flowers: From 2°C to 8°C.
  • Cold storage for agricultural products and seeds: From 5°C to 10°C.
  • Cold storage for storing ice: From -10°C to 5°C.
  • Cold storage for yogurt, ice cream: From 2°C to 6°C.
  1. Air humidity in cold storage.

Like temperature, air humidity in cold storage also needs to be calculated when designing and constructing. Humidity greatly affects the appearance of frozen products after storage. Because the humidity of the air has an impact on the “sublimation” of the water in the product.

You should keep the air humidity at 95% for products without moisture-proof packaging. As for products with moisture-proof packaging, the humidity in the warehouse should be at 85% – 90%.

  1. Geographical, meteorological and climatic parameters of the locality where the warehouse is located

Each location will have different temperatures and climates. Therefore, when installing, you also need to ensure the safety of the warehouse by taking the corresponding value for the harshest climate regime. You will be assured that the warehouse is always well operated in all conditions.

  1. Based on cold storage load calculation method

Heat load of cold storage is also a factor you need to calculate when installing cheap cold storage. You can understand this as calculating the different currents going from the outside environment into the cold storage. As well as the electricity that cold storage generates. It is the heat loss of cold storage when it needs to meet the product storage capacity.

In addition, you also need to design so that the area of ​​the cold chamber and the outside is not difficult to have a stable difference.

Choosing a machine with the right capacity helps to reduce costs and increase storage efficiency

To determine the heat loss flow into the warehouse, you need to determine the component heat flow, calculated by the expression: The method of determining the heat loss flow into the cold storage Q is determined by the component heat flows and calculated by expression:

In there:

Q1: Is the heat flow through the cold storage enclosure (W)

Q2: Is the heat flow generated from the products themselves during cold treatment (W)

Q3: Is the heat flow from the cold chamber ventilation (W)

Q4: Cold storage heat flow when operating (W)

Q5: Is the heat flow generated when the product is absorbed (W)

With the above calculation method, when designing cold storage to preserve seafood, you should leave Q3 = Q5 = 0. At this time, the heat flow Q is only Q=Q1+Q2+Q4, W. You need to note, the lines This temperature always changes with time:

Q1: Change by hour of the day, by season of the year.

Q2: Depends on the season

Q4: Depends on the storage method as well as the processing process.

  1. Choose the right machine and equipment

To choose a machine as well as equipment when designing cold storage, you need to be based on the capacity, refrigerant and cold cycle used:

  • 2-stage piston compressor: Low boiling point because the air temperature in the warehouse is always low. Using NH3 refrigerant, the compression ratio cannot be used with a class 1 compressor. So, the best suggestion for you is a level 2 compressor.
  • Select a horizontal sheathed beam-tube condenser.
  • Choose 3 evaporators, each with 3 fans with the same capacity.
  • Select 3 externally balanced diaphragm throttle…
  • Select auxiliary equipment: High-grade storage tanks, cooling towers, intermediate tanks, liquid separators, oil separators, cooling pumps, …
  1. Love the space when designing cold storage

How to properly design cold storage should ensure the parameters as well as some of the following requirements:

  • You need to build a warehouse in a high place, not in a depression with standing water. Choose a place convenient for traffic, away from the area with sources of pollution. The design of cold storage needs to choose a place with enough power, to ensure the warehouse works well, convenient for the process of use: moving, stacking and taking goods.
  • Sufficient source of clean water, meeting the regulations of the Ministry of Health and safety and hygiene issues.
  • The premises are large enough, convenient for transportation, loading and unloading, avoiding product pollution.

You should build warehouses in high, convenient places

  1. Requirement of warehouse structure

  • Build an additional buffer room to limit the loss of cold air to the environment. And avoid the user from thermal shock when entering the environment with too low temperature. The minimum buffer room area is about 5 m2. The area of ​​the buffer room, loading and unloading should be limited to prevent steam, hot air as well as temperature when unloading.
  • The warehouse shell uses panels with good insulation. The shell design ensures a firm, joint connection, minimizing the gap inside the cold storage.
  • The warehouse ceiling needs to ensure tightness, durability, ring surface, bright color to limit heat absorption from sunlight into the cold storage.
  • Solid warehouse floor, good load bearing, non-slip.
  • Cold storage doors are made of materials with high durability, easy to clean and disinfect, non-toxic, non-rusty, do not soak in water and especially must ensure good insulation. When closing, ensure tightness, avoid causing heat loss for cold storage.
  • The warehouse floor is not sunken, when defrosting, the water from the indoor unit will be drained to the outside.
  • Areas of protective changing rooms and toilets should be designed appropriately and hygienically.
  1. Selection of refrigeration equipment

  • Equipment used when designing a warehouse must be carefully considered for its service life and operational efficiency. The equipment parameters are calculated based on the parameters of the storage conditions of the products.
  • Distribute the location of the devices reasonably, ensuring the appropriate distance between the devices, between the equipment and other users around the room.
  1. Cheap cold storage price

The cost of cold storage is the top concern. Currently, each unit will have different cheap cold storage prices. It depends on experience, quality and materials. Therefore, to have the best choice, please refer to the information in a number of units and then decide.

Cold storage price at Kim Ngoc Dang Cold Storage is only from 40 million. To know the specific price for your warehouse, please contact directly Mr.Nam 0918 364 391.

Why choose Kim Ngoc Dang to install cheap industrial cold storage?

Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage is known as a unit of construction and installation of prestigious and quality goods preservation warehouse. Also because Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage possesses many advantages:

Kim Ngoc Dang is known as a reputable construction and installation unit for goods preservation


Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage brings the optimal solution for the choice of customers. With a team of enthusiastic and dynamic consultants, we are confident to provide good care and support services. At the same time, answer questions about the most detailed product lines to customers.


The cold storage design team always updates their knowledge and focuses on researching new ideas and designs on the market. Thereby creating product lines that meet the standards of beauty and quality according to the requirements of customers.


With professional engineers, Kim Ngoc Dang confidently brings the best service on construction and installation of cold storage. We are committed to complying with occupational safety standards, professional equipment and handing over the works on time. Before handing over, we have thoroughly checked to minimize problems when going into operation. In addition, Kim Ngoc Dang also guides customers on how to operate and handle risky situations.


Unlike other units, Kim Ngoc Dang has maintenance support and warranty after installing the warehouse. A special after-sales and maintenance regime 24/24 for customers after construction and warehouse installation. We always appreciate the satisfaction as well as the benefits of our customers when using our products. Therefore, customers can rest assured that the cold storage will operate stably and stably for customers.

Frozen warehouse price

Kim Ngoc Dang always makes cold storage prices cheaper than the current market. Because we try to optimize all stages to reduce costs for our customers. Therefore, we always receive the trust and love from customers.

Construction services at Kim Ngoc Dang

  • Construction of cold storage to preserve agricultural products.
  • Construction of cold storage, winter storage, cool storage, food storage.
  • Construction of cold storage to preserve pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
  • Construction of cold storage, industrial frozen storage with a capacity of 10 to 100,000 tons of goods or more.
  • Construction of cold storage for frozen seafood… -18°C to -25°C
  • Construction of freezing tunnels, freezing warehouses -30°C to -40°C (jackfruit, durian, banana, meat, seafood…)
  • Construction of cool storage to store the use temperature 0°C to +10°C

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