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What is freezing?

Freezing is a method that helps foods (such as seafood, meat and vegetables) fall into a frozen state within a short period of time. This method ensures optimum food quality, especially for foods that are used for a short period of time and are susceptible to spoilage at room temperature.

After the food is frozen, they are put into cold storage for further preservation before use.

  1. Benefits of freezing food

As can be seen, freezing food has many outstanding benefits such as:

  • Do not use preservatives, because the freezing speed of food is very fast, so you do not need to use any other preservatives.
  • Preserve food freshness and minimize rancidity, especially for food with a short shelf life.
  • Extend the shelf life of food before use.
  • Avoid the waste of surplus feed as well as support procurement management and agricultural productivity.
  • Convenient for packing food away.

  1. How to freeze food properly?

Depending on the food group, you have different ways of freezing, helping to keep food fresh and quality before use. Specifically:

For fruits and vegetables

This food group usually has a longer freezing time than the meat and fish group. The ideal freezing temperature for vegetables and fruits is 1 – 4 degrees Celsius.

Because if you freeze at a lower temperature, it will cause the vegetables to freeze, tending to be crushed after defrosting. If you freeze it at a higher temperature, it creates conditions for bacteria to easily grow and spoil the food.

How to freeze fruits and vegetables

Before freezing vegetables, you need to remove dust to help clean vegetables and fruits, then freeze them in specialized equipment such as freezers for large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

Currently, the frozen warehouse is arranged with many multi-tiered shelves, which will help to store fruits and vegetables conveniently and avoid being crushed.

For fish meat

The group of fish meat is very easy to spoil if you store it incorrectly and in general the ideal temperature for freezing fish meat is about -18 degrees Celsius (for some types of meat, the freezing time will be different).

Microorganisms often appear due to cell decomposition, which is the cause of odors and changes inherent nutrients, even producing some compounds that are harmful to user health. Therefore, fish meat can only be stored for a short time.

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