Maintenace, Repair Cold Storage


Cold storage after being used for a long time is often difficult to avoid unexpected problems for certain reasons. Therefore, we need to periodically maintain the cold storage to ensure good operation, improve the life of the warehouse and the machine, and avoid the bad case that may happen to the cold storage. Normally, we should check and maintain cold storage periodically from 3 to 6 months.

 What is the problem that your cold storage is using?

The indoor unit is frozen?

Warehouse not running at the right temperature?

The amount of power consumption for hard too much?

Are you worried because of high-value preserved products that have not yet been able to control the operation of cold storage?

Are you looking for a solution to alert, handle, repair, troubleshoot?

Reasons for regular cold storage maintenance:

The warehouse operates stably, with few problems.

Consume the least power

Extend the life of machines

Ensure products are stored at the correct temperature to limit unnecessary damage

Save the cost of repairing machinery if the problem is detected in time

Standard cold storage system maintenance procedures

  1. Compressor maintenance process:

Check the tightness and condition of the compressor suction and discharge valves.

Check the compressor, machine parts are rusted or not, clean the details.

Check the operation of the HP, OP, WP, LP controls and the oil supply unit

Check the cooling water system.

Clean the compressor suction filter

  1. Condenser maintenance procedure

Heat exchanger surface cleaning

Clean the water tank, discharge the residue

Drain the accumulated oil inside the device

Non-condensing air discharge at condenser

Maintenance and calibration of cooling pumps and fans

Check, replace sprinklers, water barriers

Paint repair outside

Repair and replacement of electrical equipment, related safety and control devices

  1. Evaporator maintenance procedure

Defrosting the indoor unit

Maintenance of indoor unit fan

Clean the heat exchanger by stopping the system, wiping it with a brush or can be washed with water

Clean the indoor unit water trough

Check and maintain measuring and control equipment

  1. Throttle maintenance

Check valve and refrigerant superheat, check capillary sensor bulb contact and insulation condition.

  1. Cooling tower maintenance process

Check the operation of the impeller, motor, pump, and water distribution shaft.

Clean the plastic water grille periodically

Drain the dirt at the bottom of the tower, clean and change the water

Check the operating flow of the pump, fan, working condition of the float valve.

  1. Pump maintenance procedure

Check working condition, shaft bearing, watertight seal, bearing shaft lubrication.

Make sure the filter is not shut off by checking the pressure before and after

Check current and compare with normal.

  1. Fan maintenance procedure

Check for abnormal fan noise and vibration.

Check shaft bearings and add grease.

Clean and clean the fan blades.

Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration Mechanic specializes in providing periodic cold storage maintenance, repair and maintenance services. Make sure your refrigeration system functions properly and has a long service life.

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