Pharmaceutical Cold Storage In Da Nang


  1. Procedures for storing Immunization Vaccines

Normally, we are only interested in the role of cold storage in food preservation, cold storage for agricultural products and seeds. However, in healthcare, cold storage also has an extremely important role and needs to be done with state standards because it is used to preserve vaccines directly related to human health.

In order to get the vaccines that meet the quality standards for vaccination, the preservation of the Vaccine is extremely important. To help people better understand this issue, Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration would like to briefly summarize a few things about the vaccine preservation process

At the vaccine storage warehouse of the National route, the vaccine, after being transported from the manufacturer (domestic and international) by a specialized vehicle, will be transported to the cold storage for preservation.

Inside the cold storage of vaccines, vaccines are arranged at a certain distance for air circulation, helping to preserve vaccines better.

Vaccines will be temperature monitored regularly. Accordingly, the allowed temperature in positive warehouses is from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. And in negative warehouses is from minus 15 to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

There are also temperature monitoring equipment in vaccine storage facilities. Accordingly, monitor the elevated temperature with the temperature indicator on the vaccine vial

Low temperature monitoring with electronic freezing indicator. If the temperature rises too high or falls too low compared to the standard specification, it will be adjusted accordingly. In addition, there are monitoring thermometers in separate storage chambers.

In addition to automatic monitoring with modern equipment, in the cold storage of national vaccines, staff still have to monitor once or twice a day and record developments in the process of preserving vaccines. .

To ensure monitoring in the storage chambers, there is also an automatic temperature monitoring logtag device, which is installed with the computer and automatically records the temperature.

In addition to these cold storage facilities, there is also a remote temperature monitoring system, if the temperature is too high or too low, an alarm will sound, or a message will be sent to the phone of the people who are affected. relevant to check.

Finally, the regulations on receiving, granting and storing vaccines are placed right in the middle of the warehouse so that center staff can follow the correct order to preserve the best vaccines.

When moving from the cold storage of vaccines in the National Expanded Immunization Program to localities, vaccines are transported by specialized vehicles with a full preservation system.

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