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What is freezing?

After being frozen – fast freezing at sub-zero temperatures, the food is in a frozen state in a short time. Freezing is a preservation method that helps maintain the frozen state of food, helping the food to keep its best quality.


What are the benefits of freezing?

In the restaurant business, food is the “golden key” to conquer diners. Statistics show that up to 99% of business restaurants use the freezing method to preserve food. Of course, the method must be superior to how the trader “chooses to send gold”:

  • Do not use food preservatives, cold mechanism helps inhibit bacteria activity.
  • Maintain freshness and nutrient content in food.
  • Prolong the shelf life of food, accumulate abundant raw materials, and be proactive in business.
  • Frozen food is very convenient to transport over long distances without loss of quality.
  • Freezing is also a way to diversify the serving menu, not only serving seasonal dishes. But even out-of-season food is well preserved and delicious as the season itself.

Freeze properly – a strategy to increase restaurant revenue

Fresh food directly determines the level of customer satisfaction. Because of that, the preservation stage is paid special attention by the business. What is the right way to freeze?

Notes about freezing temperature

Microorganisms, bacteria – big “enemies” of food, they are often present to decompose cells, causing odors. At the same time, the activity of bacteria causes food to degrade and even cause toxicity.

The temperature range of -18 ~ 0 degrees Celsius is considered ideal for frozen foods. Because at this temperature range, bacteria are completely inhibited, unable to function as well as multiply, causing food spoilage.

Packing frozen food

Before putting into freezing, food should be wrapped carefully to avoid contact. Otherwise, they will be confused or lose their characteristic taste. Even some foods can “react” to cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and poisoning.

Some notes when wrapping frozen food packages:

  • Use zip bags, food containers with safe materials.
  • Food should preferably be vacuum sealed.
  • Use moderate-sized containers to minimize free space.
  • Absolutely do not use household bags, recycled garbage bags because they may contain harmful chemicals.

Arrange frozen food properly

Many people subjectively think that frozen food can be arranged in any way. In fact, the scientific arrangement helps to optimize the refrigeration equipment and ensure the durability of the cabinet:

  • Arrange first-served food outside where it’s easiest to get.
  • Try to create gaps between frozen foods.
  • Absolutely do not cover food into the fan indoor unit.
  • Fan-cooled indoor unit cools quickly and effectively freezes.
  • Synchronous outdoor unit, improve heat dissipation efficiency, accelerate cooling.
  • Stable density PU insulation layer, super effective insulation.
  • Rack system supports classification and arrangement of food.

Understand the importance of cold storage in life. Therefore, many businesses have come to Kim Ngoc Dang to install quality and reputable frozen storage. Coming to Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage, you will experience all cold storage services such as design, installation, repair and maintenance of cold storage in the fastest and most convenient way.

With us you will get:

  • Consulting enthusiastic, dedicated 24/24.
  • The staff is responsible, professionally trained, from the assembly stages, to the design of cold storage.
  • Team of managers and engineers with high professional qualifications.

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