Remove Cold Storage

How when you want to move cold storage, storage warehouse to a new location? Should you arbitrarily move the warehouse? Let’s find out how to solve the above problems with Kim Ngoc Dang Cold Storage in the following article.

  1. Reasons to relocate cold storage.

During operation, because of many reasons, it is imperative to move cold storage to a new location. These include the following main reasons:

  • The location of production activities changes, requiring the relocation of warehouses to ensure efficiency as well as cost.
  • The initial location of the warehouse is not suitable, affecting the preservation.
  • Relocating cold storage, storage warehouse to ensure more convenient transportation of goods.
  • Other reasons such as need to move to add equipment, move temporarily to repair damage, etc.

  1. Cold storage relocation service

In fact, cold storage and storage warehouses are large in size and weight, so it is difficult to maintain. The relocation process therefore also requires high technology to ensure safety. Obviously there must be methods, processes and supporting tools to do it. Therefore, you should not arbitrarily move the cold storage to avoid causing damage or unintended problems.

To help you solve the problem of disassembling and transporting cold storage to a new location, Kim Ngoc Dang has launched a cheap cold storage relocation service. Currently, the unit specializes in dismantling and relocating the following warehouse lines:

  • Cold storage to preserve seafood.
  • Food storage.
  • Cold storage to preserve agricultural products.
  • Cold storage for fruit preservation.
  • Warehouses for storing pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
  • Storage of frozen foods.
  • Cold storage
  • Freezing warehouses, quick freezing warehouses…


Besides, the unit also provides consulting services, cold storage installation package, cheap to serve customers. For more details, please refer to:

  1. What are the benefits of cold storage relocation service at Bach Khoa Refrigeration Technology?

There are many cold storage relocation units currently on the market. However, very few units guarantee quality and price to customers. There are many cases where customers face financial risks and serious damage because of using poor quality warehouse relocation services.

Do not worry! Coming to Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration Mechanical, customers will receive the following outstanding benefits:

  • A team of skilled technicians with high professional qualifications and extensive experience.
  • Employees are dedicated, honest and enthusiastic. Always put the interests of the customer first, as the motto of the work.
  • Provide fast cold storage relocation service, ensure safety during implementation.
  • The price of warehouse moving service is cheap on the market, with a clear and transparent price list.
  • Ensure fast relocation time, do not incur many costs.
  • Have an attractive warranty and after-sales policy.
  1. Quotation for cold storage transportation service

The price of cold storage relocation service depends on many factors. Including the location of the relocation far or near, the relocation area, the relocation location, is there any difficulty…

For detailed service prices and free consultation support, you should contact us via Hotline Mr.Nam 0918.364 391 and a consultant will help you fastest.

  1. The process of moving cold storage, efficient storage

  • Contact Kim Ngoc Dang via Hotline 0918 364 391 for basic information.
  • The technical coordination company comes to the site to survey the reality and plan the appropriate relocation.
  • Conduct a quotation with the customer so that the two parties can agree.
  • Implement the plan to relocate cold storage.
  • Technical inspection of the entire operation of the warehouse to ensure the correct relocation.
  • Handing over and receiving payments from customers.


With cold storage relocation service at Kim Ngoc Dang, we are confident to bring you the best service. We not only guarantee a convenient, safe and quality relocation, but also with a favorable price in the market. Do not hesitate any longer without calling immediately 0918.364.391 for quick advice.

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