Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigerator

Kim Ngoc Dang refrigerator is a solution that can display vegetables and fruits in large quantities and can keep the freshness of the product.

– Stainless steel rack, high-grade thick, good anti-rust, durable.

– R404A . refrigerant gas

– Electronic temperature control device

– Copper tube indoor and outdoor unit

– Spinning wheels

– Glass drying system

Operating principle of the cabinet

– The cabinet works on the principle that the indoor unit creates compressed air, the fan will blow the heat to spread throughout the floor trays. The required temperature to maintain fresh vegetables and fruits is from -1 to 5 oC .

– Vacuum three-layer glass drying system helps the cabinet to avoid fogging. During the process of opening the door, this system automatically shuts off. When the door is closed, the glass drying will automatically resume.

Advantages of cabinets

In addition to preserving vegetables, the cabinet also preserves foods that need to be cooled. For example, fruits, fresh milk or soft drinks …

– Fruit and vegetable storage cabinet with many layers of trays, scientific design, convenient to store large volumes of food

– The cabinet has a beautiful aesthetic, highlighting the display space.

– The storage cabinet is easy to use, clean, and user-friendly.

Refrigeration mechanic Kim Ngoc Dang has extensive experience in making refrigerators

For advice on refrigerators with large sizes on request with the best prices. Please contact Mr.Nam 0918 364 391, you will receive the advice and design of the refrigerator with the cheapest price and best efficiency in the market.

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