Rules and Terms To Enjoy Our Company’s Warranty:


– Warranty conditions are complied with by our company and equipment manufacturer

– Equipment is warranted while within the warranty period due to design defects or from the manufacturer, calculated for 1 year from the date of installation and operation.

– There is a warranty card and warranty stamp of the company delivered to the customer after installation and acceptance of the machine and handing it over to the customer.


– Errors caused by users, operators, improper operation according to the contract (incorrect lined up, improper operation according to the temperature specified in the contract, improper storage of products in the contract, arbitrarily adjustment, operation without notice and consent of the supplier and the recommendation of the supplier…etc.)

– Users self-dismantle, damage, rust due to flooding….

– Errors due to impact, falling, water, external impact on the system, leaving the machine to operate continuously due to forgetting to close the cold storage door…

– Error due to weak voltage, voltage is too high specified threshold 200V ≤ Regulated voltage ≤ 240V (1 Phase), 340V ≤ Regulated voltage ≤ 400V (3 Phase)

– Arbitrarily calling outside workers to repair without the permission and guidance and supervision of the supplier

– Customers do not cooperate in the process of warranty, maintenance, and operation

– System input voltage error, short circuit fault not due to installation

– The customer has not performed according to the terms of the contract

– In case of loss of warranty card and exclusions in the Contract

– Failure to report warranty problems with correct number.

– Technical support: Mr.Nam 0918.364 391

– Hotline: MS. Quyen 0387.838 968