Cold Storage Application

Solutions and applications when installing cold storage for businesses

 1. What is cold storage?

Cold storage, also known as Cool Warehouse, East Warehouse, or Preservation Warehouse,  one of the best solution chosen by many businesses, restaurants and even hospitals, pharmacies for preservation ang storing products such as fresh food, agricultural products, seafood or vegetables, … pharmaceuticals, drugs … They help the look after products not be damaged and deterioration caused by the weather. Currently, many businesses use cold storage to preserve their goods. That shows that cold storage plays an important and necessary part in the production and business.


In the following article, Kim Ngoc Dang cold storage will bring you detailed information about the application, classification, quotation … of this product!

 2. What is the application of cold storage?

Using cold storage is very popular because it brings many benefits and high value to businesses. Cold storage is a storage room that is combined with refrigeration, cooling or freezing system to preserve food products for a long time and ensure the best quality. Cold rooms are designed with good heat-retaining materials and are widely used in many companies, factories, warehouses, family businesses, etc


Many people think that there are only a few types of cold storages, but in fact, each type of goods will need a separate environment, from which there will also be many separate types of warehouses. The 9 applications below will tell you a few types of storage that are currently interested in


3. Applications of cold storage (cool storage, frozen storage)  

Cold storage is known as a product to preserve all kinds of goods from agricultural products, food to pharmaceuticals, ice cubes, etc. The 9 most typical applications of this product are:

+ Food preservation

+ Preserving seafood

+ Preservation of agricultural products

+ Preserving fruit

+ Preserving clean vegetables

+ Preserving fresh flowers

+ Preservation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals

+ Preservation of milk, preservation and fermentation of beer

+ Preserving seeds and many other products..

 4. Structure of cold storage (cool storage, frozen storage)

Usually, it is often divided into two main parts: the insulation part and the cooling part. However, if it is divided into small parts, we can also name 5 main parts: warehouse shell, warehouse door, compressor cluster system, indoor unit system and control system. Here, Kim Ngoc Dang will go into details of the parts (correction) of the cold storage as follows:

4.1. Warehouse shell

Warehouse enclosures are usually made from insulating panels separating the interior and exterior spaces. The panel has a high gloss finish, the two outer sides are stainless steel or tole (corrugated iron) with electrostatic paint. The core material is made of hard foam with light weight, good insulation and high strength.

Normally, people often use EPS panel (for cool storage) and PU (for cold storage) to make the warehouse cover. The reason people use these two materials is because they are very durable, have good insulation, keep heat well – soundproof, resist heat and cold. In addition, EPS and PU are easy to clean, convenient for installation and transportation. These 2 types of panels are manufactured in Vietnam or imported from China, Korea, Germany, etc


The size of the insulation board is selected in accordance with the design of the warehouse but still ensures the quality and insulation ability. The requirements of the panel when installed must be smooth, the outer surface is stainless steel or powder coated corrugated iron. The core can be made from hard, light foam. In addition, the construction units will use more ke, 2 types of hard silicon, … to ensure the product meets quality standards.


4.2. Warehouse store

Cold storage doors are manufactured in many different types and sizes such as hinged doors, sliding doors are usually made of stainless steel inside with insulation, hinges and locking handles made of atimon or stainless steel to ensure hardness, firmness and shine of the doors. The surrounding joint structure to prevent cold air from escaping…. The door frame is designed with many layers of solidity and a drying resistance, keeping the door clean and dry, easy to replace, and safe. the tightness of the warehouse when in use.


– Size

+ Door opening: 600×1600 to 900×1900 mm

+ Sliding doors: 1000×2000 to 2500×3500 mm


– Structure

+ Two sides coated with stainless steel or tole colorbond, sprayed with PU Foam with a thickness of 75 – 100 – 125 mm

+ Closed cold joint

+ Heating resistor works stably, synchronously with warehouse operation

+ The PVC frame is embedded in the school panel


– Advantages

+ The hinge u0026amp has a safety latch to prevent people from locking inside

+ 304 stainless steel material

+ Hinges and locking handles are strong atimon or stainless steel materials

+ Joint structure surrounds the door, creating air tightness when closing the door.

+ Solid door frame

+ Heating resistor keeps the warehouse door dry, clean and easy to replace



(More pictures above)


4.3. Compressor assembly

The compressor assembly compresses the refrigerant to a high enough level to be refrigerant and condensable. This part is very important and consists of:


+ Wind cooling

There are two types, open and closed. This system owns heat storage technology to save electricity and fuel when operating


+ Water cooling

Includes two types of fresh water cooling and salt water cooling


+ Condenser compressor assembly

Depending on the needs of the user, the type of compressor will be different. They are usually installed on sturdy concrete poles placed in dry places and designed to not cause noise to affect the surroundings.


4.4. Refrigeration system

There are 2 types of industrial indoor unit structure:

+ Liquid submerged type

+ Dry type throttling


Notes when installing the indoor unit:

+ Doesn’t make noise

+ The temperature in the warehouse is uniform in all areas

+ No power consumption and energy consumption due to heat from the fan motor

+ The loss of goods when stored in the warehouse is greatly reduced due to the principle of high air humidity, low air speed


4.5. Control system

The control system is an important part to help regulate the temperature, display, notify when the warehouse has a problem, … Currently, the control system of Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. all uses materials. from Mitsubishi, LS, … and continuously update and develop technology to ensure quality and convenience for users

 5. Reasons to install cold storage (cool storage, freezer)

– Save costs, save electricity: Compared to using a refrigerator to store and install cold storage, it will reduce the cost of having a large space and save electricity.

– Ease of loading, dismantling and cleaning: The cold storage space is spacious so that users can easily arrange goods, conduct cleaning and safe cleaning.

– Storage of bulk goods: Cold storage usually has a large area, so it is capable of storing many goods.

– Long-term product preservation

– Customizable temperature for each type of product

 6. Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration – a place to install a reputable, cheap cold storage

Kim Ngoc Dang Refrigeration is a unit specializing in the design, construction and installation of cold storage, headquartered at 29D Duong Van Duong, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. With more than 10 years of experience, Kim Ngoc Dang has completed hundreds of cold storage projects for customers and are 100% satisfied with the products and services provided.

To do this, Kim Ngoc Dang has constantly changed, developed and improved not only in personnel, working methods but also in products and marketing.


+ About the staff

Not only possessing highly skilled installers, Kim Ngoc Dang also has Vietnamese and foreign engineers with high qualifications to ensure standard construction progress and quality.


+ Maintenance, maintenance

The cold storage system at Kim Ngoc Dang is constantly checked, cleaned and especially supported when the warranty expires. The troubleshooting hotline is always online to serve the needs of users.


+ Contact

Kim Ngoc Dang is very pleased to consult and serve the needs of customers. Contact us for a free consultation

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  2. Phone: 0918 364 391
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Above are detailed information about cold storage. For any questions or enquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us at one of the phone numbers or email addresser above.

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